Remodel Health is H3

We are a team committed to being humble, staying hungry and always hustling.


Scott Lingle

CEO & Co-Founder

Justin Clements

President & Co-Founder

Cameron Mason

Director of Operations

Mat Bowden

Account Executive


A team of individuals all with different strengths and various backgrounds in health insurance and technology with one goal: to revolutionize health insurance by shifting groups from a defined benefit plan to defined contribution plan. We are passionate about growing a company that does the right thing every time.

Insurance is painful and doesn’t seem to be healing anytime soon. We are a team who makes it easier for organizations and their employees to navigate health insurance with transparency and choice using technology. Our goal is to create positive experiences and deliver happy customers.


Serve Others

We are a service first organization in both business and life and we consider the interest of others before self.

Be Coachable

Feedback is desired at our company. Let’s improve upon our weaknesses and advance our strengths.

Deliver “Wow”

We failed if our customers don’t say, “Wow”.

Pursue Learning

Education doesn’t stop when your career starts, but it continues throughout life. Let’s read books together.

Grow Leaders

We inspire our team to grow as a leader personally and professionally, treating our company as their own.

Give Back

We give back locally and throughout the world financially and by acts of service.


Unlimited PTO

Take as much time as you need and our only ask is that you work hard.


Let us help you contribute towards your retirement.

Monthly Profit Sharing

We win as a team and you can share in our monthly bonus plan.

Team Culture

Each individual brings their own talents and we create successes together.

Charitable Match

We match our employees charitable contributions.


It’s free and if you don’t like it, you’ll learn to.