Boost your business through ICHRAs with Remodel Health.

When you partner with Remodel Health to deliver ICHRAs to your clients, you get state-of-the-art technology and white-glove service from knowledgeable professionals.



Become an ICHRA partner

Switching your clients to ICHRAs can boost your business. Our technology streamlines the process while our expert team provides comprehensive support to your clients.


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Why partner with Remodel Health?

Not only will you have access to a top-notch enrollment team for your clients, but you’ll also unlock exciting rewards and substantial pay. With Remodel Health, success is just around the corner. By connecting with us, you can:

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What is an ICHRA?

If you’re looking to supercharge client offerings, ICHRAs are for you. An Individual Coverage HRA, or an ICHRA, is a type of Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) that increases flexibility for employers and employees to better utilize the Individual Marketplace. This employer-funded HRA allows employers of any size or industry to reimburse employees tax-free for qualified medical expenses.