CareSource and Remodel Health

CareSource and Remodel Health are partnering to serve more groups using an Individual Coverage HRA (ICHRA) model. ICHRA can provide significant savings for groups, and help sell more CareSource plans! Fill out the form below to get access to all our ICHRA resources and get connected with Remodel Health.

Remodel Health is the health benefits software for employers that helps you save money and care better for your team.

How Remodel Health Works

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  • Set your budget and define your health benefits strategy.

    Our software helps employers choose a monthly allowance to go towards their employees' health benefits plans.

  • Employees buy their own, individual plans.

    Your employees use their monthly allowance to browse health benefits that meet their personal medical needs.

  • Our software packages employee plans into one bill.

    Remodel Health keeps everything organized for you, the employer, by sending a single bill and auto-deducting premiums from payroll.

  • Receive ongoing support from Remodel Health.

    Employers and employees receive top-notch service and ongoing, one-on-one support from our Care team.

See how Remodel Health helped one organization save thousands on health insurance!

Want to learn more about ICHRA? Fill out the form below to get access to Remodel Health’s webinar and other resources!

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