Health benefits tailored to your organization’s needs.

Remodel Health is proud to partner with Carey Nieuwhof to help churches and ministries discover more options, serve employees better, and control the cost & quality of their health benefits.

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Remodel Health offers more options than any other health benefits partner on the market.

With a full spectrum of options — from traditional group plans, to individual coverage HRAs, to our time-tested and most innovative WageUp® ️— finding a perfect fit for your team is so much closer than you think.

Take Our Health Benefits Analysis

The Health Benefits Analysis is an organizational assessment tool used to measure and improve the effectiveness of your employee health benefits. Deepen your understanding of how your health benefits are meeting the needs of your employees with Remodel Health’s HBA.

Take The HBA

Our Team Is With You, Every Step Of The Way


Consultants who can tailor your health benefits every year as your team, needs, and options change


Coaches who can work with your team to choose, understand and use their plans better

Care Members

Care team members who serve all year long to help with provider searches, bills, payments and more

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