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Designed to integrate seamlessly with our process, the Remodel Health software provides employers and their staff with a simple dashboard that empowers users to assess their healthcare options, connect with licensed professionals, and engage with their health benefits like never before!



With a full spectrum of options, finding a perfect fit for your team is so much closer than you think. Our licensed benefits advisors walk with you step-by-step to help you determine which health benefits product will serve your organization best. Plus, many Remodel Health customers save an average of 51% on health benefits!

Remodel Health offers more options than any other health benefits partners on the market. 

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Think beyond your traditional group plan! Remodel Health walks you through all your options when it comes to choosing health benefits for your organization.

Remodel Health’s team of licensed consultants, benefits advisors and customer success representatives assist your organization and your employees every step of the way.

Remodel Health puts you in control of your health benefits by helping you choose a healthcare solution that meets the needs of your organization and your employees.

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Remodel Health is proud to partner with Carey Nieuwhof to help churches and ministries discover more options, serve employees better, and control the cost & quality of their health benefits. 

Health benefits tailored to your organization's needs.

Managed Individual is Better...

"We saw the costs of our group plan continue to climb for years and finally realized we had to do something different to see different results. We left our old group plan three years ago for managed individual. The coverage and cost savings well exceeded our expectations and we've never looked back. My encouragement to employers is to get out of the box, think differently, and give an honest evaluation of this new way to provide health benefits to employees."

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Revolutionize the way you deliver health benefits to employees.




Frank Beamon, CEO at Faith Community Hospital

Jacksboro, TX

"Remodel has helped me, one, from a budgetary standpoint, not just in cost savings, but I can plan...because Remodel’s pretty clear this is what this is going to cost you, even though each of the individual plans are customized...I know that Remodel is truly partnering with us to look out for our employees and look out for what’s best for them, and doing it in a way that we can afford as a church."

Mark Wiley, Executive Pastor at Harvest Bible Chapel

Indianapolis, IN

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