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Experience What’s Possible with Health Benefits

Remodel Health tailors health benefits to your organization’s needs.

With a full spectrum of options — from traditional group plans, to individual coverage HRAs, to our time-tested and most innovative WageUp® ️— finding a perfect fit for your team is so much closer than you think.

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Remodel Health Product Offerings

Traditional Group

Experience simple, quality products & broader networks


Experience control, smarter spending & custom plan utilization


Experience flexible, personalized benefits & significant savings

Remodel Health is with you and your team, every step of the way.

✔️ Consultants who can tailor your health benefits every year as your team, your needs, and your options change  

✔️ Coaches who can work with your team to choose, understand and use their plans better

✔️ Care team members who serve all year long to help with provider searches, bills, making payments, and more

Want to experience what’s possible with health benefits for your organization?