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Ebook - Growing With Change
I highly recommend the services and solutions Remodel Health has to offer. They reduced our cost and increased the protection our staff has been able to acquire. Choosing to work with Remodel Health has made a major impact on our ability to care for our staff well and use our resources in the best way we can as we pursue our mission.
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Hear From Our Customers

  • "We will see a $1 million savings this year on health benefits. Plus, we now have all employees as a revenue source."

    Frank Beaman, CEO
  • "Remodel Health provided a platform of technology but also a lot of really experienced people. At the same time we announced this insurance change, we were able to give a raise. Our savings have been substantial, at least a half million dollars."

    Dr. Bill Katip, President
  • "[Remodel Health] is the greatest thing that we’ve experienced as far as saving money and providing the service that we need to do...Every person’s situation is different. Why [we] have been putting up with a one-size-fits-all healthcare plan is baffling to me. We will see a savings, I believe, of $400-$500,000 in our healthcare benefits. That’s real money."

    Jeff Carroll, CEO

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