It’s simple, really: Employees have more choices. Employers have fewer hassles. Everyone saves money. You make more money.

Sell Groups on an Individualized Platform

Remodel Health helps you shift churches, nonprofits, and small businesses from group to individual health insurance, saving them money – and making you commissions – in three easy steps.

Easy Quoting

With the Remodel Health software platform, quoting is easy! Just use the employer’s group census to quickly identify potential savings by choosing between a baseline health plan, ,a healthcare sharing plan and several other options in most states. Bigger Savings. Better Choices.

It’s Easy:

  1. Upload a census
  2. Choose a comparable plan
  3. Define the options
  4. Compare to the current plan
  5. Then simply shift….

Simple Shifting

Our turnkey technology and professional services make shifting simple – for the employer, the employees, and YOU! employees can choose from a broader range of insurance coverage. Employers are freed from ongoing health insurance negotiations. And you earn money.

It’s Easy:

  1. Use analytical tools to “Salary Up”
  2. Enroll employees with our Concierge Team
  3. Connect our payroll deduction solution
  4. Start earning money…

Serious Earnings

With the Remodel Health platform, you can generate uncapped earnings equal to or better than small group health insurance commissions. And, with our payroll deduction software, concierge member services, and back-office sales tools, you look good earning it.

It’s Easy:

  • Recurring revenue stream
  • Ongoing technical and sales support
  • Sustainable commission program
  • Your customers think you’re a hero