We help organizations shift from a defined benefit plan to a defined contribution plan.

How It Works

1. Analyze the Data

Provide your agent or us with a census and we will use our software to create a comparison between traditional group health insurance and individualized plans.

2. Define the Budget

Set the contribution amount for each employees. Your cost is fixed, no more annual rate increases.

3. Deduct from Payroll

Withhold the cost of each individual’s products from their pay, we take care of sending the money to the providers.

Revolutionary Technology

Our Shift software application helps organizations understand the value of a defined contribution versus the traditional defined benefit plan by analyzing all market options and providing decision support throughout the entire process.  Our Payroll Deduct Solution makes the shift simple for the employer and is very valuable to each employee.

Transparency & Choice

Benefit Advisors navigate the through the purchasing journey with each individual and analyze all available market options; Obamacare Plans, Healthcare Sharing Plans, and other alternative means of coverage.  Each individual has the freedom to choose the plan they want and should be educated about each product he or she chooses.



Employers save 35% annually with Remodel Health.


Employees receive help during enrollment and throughout the year.


Employees will have their premiums taken out of their paycheck and remitted to the carriers on their behalf.


Employees have 24/7 access to a doctor via phone or webcam.