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The report includes thousands of data points gathered from U.S. employers and employees, gaining insights around traditional group plans and managed individual health plans over the last decade. 

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National Health Benefits Analysis


Jacksboro, TX

Frank Beamon, CEO at Faith Community Hospital

"We saw the costs of our group plan continue to climb for years and finally realized we had to do something different to see different results. We left our old group plan three years ago for managed individual. The coverage and cost savings well exceeded our expectations and we've never looked back. My encouragement to employers is to get out of the box, think differently, and give an honest evaluation of this new way to provide health benefits to employees."


Remodel Health’s research provides an in-depth analysis of employee choice within the context of managed individual health benefits. Now, employers can picture their organization — themselves and their people —throughout this data, and use it to guide them through some of the most frequently asked questions.

Discover the best health benefits solution for employers and employees, according to national data.

When given the choice, what health benefits plans do employees actually want?

From Marketplace to speciality programs to spouse plans and more — find out the full landscape of health benefits plans available to your people, and what they actually want.

Learn how things like Guaranteed Issue and Advanced Premium Tax Credits make managed individual plans the most cost effective health insurance solution in the country. 

Your people are unique, and so is your organization. Learn how these different variables affect the choices your people make and how they impact your company.

How do managed individual plans save employees and organizations an average of 40% on healthcare?

How does industry, demographics, and other variables affect employee choice and preference?

Download this exclusive national analysis providing a close look at employee choice within the context of managed individual health benefits. Now organization leaders can be empowered to serve their teams like never before!

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Managed Individual is Better...

“The reality is small businesses save more than 50% simply by switching to managed individual health benefits. Every day employers stick with their antiquated group health plans, they are losing out on lower premiums, higher profit margins and better benefits for their employees. Now is the time to reconsider your health benefits strategy and start investing those costs back into your business.”

John Staub, Brand Development Manager

Indianapolis, IN

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Gain more insights into the benefits of managed individual plans for employers and employees.

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