We help nonprofits shift by helping them care for their employees and the mission.


Nonprofits save on average 35% annually when shifting from a traditional group insurance plan to Remodel Health. Every dollar saved can be returned and utilized to advance ministries of the church.


Nonprofits on the Remodel Health platform will have a true payroll-deduct solution.  Our technology will help the organization deduct the health insurance cost from the employee’s check and remit it to the carrier on their behalf.

Healthcare Sharing Plans

Employees can choose the best plan for their family. Most employees choose Healthcare Sharing Plans when the organization breaks up the nonprofits health insurance. Healthcare Sharing Plans are affordable for families who belong to a Faith.  Healthcare Sharing Plans are great for nonprofits.

Geist Montessori Academy | 25 Employees

Group Plan: $113,220

Remodel Health: $54,840

Our group insurance costs had been rising year over year and it was becoming difficult to provide benefits to our employees. Our current employee benefits consultant presented Remodel Health as an alternative solution to traditional group health insurance. Choosing Remodel Health has been a very rewarding decision; I maintained the relationship with my employee benefits consultant, our employees chose the plan that was best for their family, and our school now has more resources to allocate toward the well being of our students.

– Karinda, Controller

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