We help businesses shift by providing their employees with savings and individual choice.

Individual Plans

Employees can choose the best plan for their family. Most employees choose between Healthcare Sharing Plans and Individual ACA plans when the organization breaks up the group health insurance plan.


Businesses on the Remodel Health platform will have a true payroll-deduct solution.  Our technology will help the organization deduct the health insurance cost from the employee’s check and remit it to the provider on their behalf.


Employers save on average 35% annually when shifting from a traditional group insurance plan to Remodel Health. Every dollar saved can be repurposed and used to grow the business or increase profitability.

Wolfies Grill | 5 Locations in Indianapolis

“Remodel Health has helped us become a better company for our employees. They stand with our morals and values and fit the needs of each individual person. With a growing industry and everyone having a different place in the world, Remodel Health makes sure their needs are met.”

– Alec Wolf, Manager

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Our video will help you understand the shift from traditional group insurance to individualized plans, how organizations save money and benefit from the power of choice. Contact us today to find out if our solution is a good fit for your organization.