Traditional Group

On a traditional group health benefit, the employer picks a health insurance plan, pays part of its cost, and then provides it to the employees. Sometimes the employer provides a few options to choose from. Sometimes they will also offer HSA contributions or HRA reimbursements, too.

What you get with RH as your Agent of Record.

When it comes to traditional group health benefits most organizations experience poor customer service, limited health benefits, and rising costs…all while getting less for their investment! This isn’t the case when you manage your health benefits through Remodel Health!

Discover What’s Possible with Traditional Group

and Remodel Health as your Agent of Record

Better Service

More Options

Greater Value

Get More from your Organization’s Health Benefits

with Remodel Health’s Ease Solution


Remodel Health is always looking to improve your benefits experience with top-notch customer service

Better service starts with…

  • Expert advisors & customer contact to help you enroll and to answer all health benefits-related questions.
  • A better technology program to streamline & organize health benefits.
  • A single point of contact that is familiar with your organization & your people and is accessible around the clock.
  • No automated phone trees, no waiting in line, and no paperwork for admins!


Remodel Health offers more health benefit plan types and ancillary add-ons than any other health benefits partner on the market.

  • Offer & manage services like vision, dental, life, and more
  • Admins & employees can view plan details, manage insurance cards, and store paperwork in the app.
  • + so much more!


With Remodel Health managing your benefits, your organization can get higher-quality health benefits at a lower cost.

  • Remodel Health optimizes your health benefits’ potential value – regardless of plan type or carrier.
  • Find the best options for your dollars spent.
  • Get a personal assessment of your current plan to see where you can maximize benefits without breaking the bank.
  • Receive quarterly reviews of your plan’s performance to gain actionable insights for adjusting plan strategy.