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Traditional Group

On a traditional group health benefits, the employer picks a health insurance plan, pays part of its cost, and then provides it to the employees. Sometimes the employer provides a few options to choose from. Sometimes they will also offer HSA contributions or HRA reimbursements, too.

Choose a plan for your employees and help fund the costs.

In addition to the product chosen, employers and employees receive additional benefits through Remodel Health. Remodel Health has a team of consultants, coaches and care members to help your team understand and use their plans successfully.

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Our Software

Designed to integrate seamlessly with our process, the Remodel Health software provides employers and their staff with a simple dashboard that allows users to engage, connect, and assess their healthcare options.

Our software runs a quote for employers and helps compare your various options available through Remodel Health to ensure you are in control of the cost and quality of your health benefits.

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