The benefits platform designed for faith-based organizations.

At Remodel Health, our mission is to help organizations regain and repurpose $1 billion dollars in resources for their vision. Our team is comprised of individuals who have worked in health insurance, finance and the church, and we recognize the disconnect across these industries. 

That's why we've built a platform that can help streamline your health insurance experience and unlock resources for your ministry. Our team is here to walk alongside you every step of the way and help you better serve your people with a benefit solution that is tailored to each individual's unique needs. 

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Discover our innovative solution to health benefits by switching your organization from a group health plan to an individual model. Utilize our innovative platform to streamline the onboarding process, educate your staff and provide you access to what you need in one central place.

No matter what your organization does, we want to help you better steward the resources you have been given. Our solution can unlock resources for your organization to further your vision, helping you say goodbye to annual rate increases and take control of your budget.


Not only do we want to serve you well, but we want to help you better serve your people. We seek to empower your staff to choose a plan that meets their personal needs and empower your organization through ongoing insurance education and support.


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"I've faced the pressures of increasing health care costs and needing to cut back on ministry because of it. I wish we had the option of Remodel Health at that point. I would encourage church leaders to look closely at this solution."

- Rich Birch, Author and Church Growth Thought Leader

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