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The report includes thousands of data points gathered from U.S. employers and employees, gaining insights around traditional group plans and managed individual health plans over the last three years.

About the Health Benefits Analysis for Christian Employers



Remodel Health’s research provides an in-depth analysis on employer-sponsored health coverage, including premiums, employee contributions, cost-sharing, ancillary programs, offer rates, industry trends and more. 

Discover the best health benefits solution for Christian employers and employees, according to national data.

Can I save money?

Gain more insights into the benefits of managed individual plans for Christian employers.

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On average, we’re seeing the cost of benefits decrease by about 51% for organizations that switch from a traditional group plan.

Annual employee contribution toward their health insurance plan were nearly twice as much as individual costs for employees in 2021.

As our good friend and leadership expert Pastor Craig Groeschel says, “people don’t hate change, they hate how we try to change them.”

Is it better than the status quo?

Why is it worth the change?

Download this exclusive national analysis created in partnership with Vanderbloemen providing insight as to why industry thought leaders are suggesting Christian organizations switch to a managed individual health benefits plan today.

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A Note from Sutton Turner

"As a former pastor of two churches, I know firsthand how difficult it is to manage total compensation for your staff. And I know now from my time at Vanderbloemen how transformational it can be to empower Christian employers with the data they need to make the right decisions for both hiring and retention. 

That’s why Vanderbloemen stepped into this space to serve as a leader in salary information for churches. When it comes to compensation, salary isn’t the only thing that matters. In all of our calculations, health benefits have been one of the most difficult parts to navigate — not only because of their continually growing costs, but because of how much they have changed over the years. 

This is why our partnership with Remodel Health for the past three years has been so beneficial. Alongside Remodel Health, we are able to help Christian employers find newer, better, and cheaper ways of providing health benefits to their staff. Our data, combined with Remodel Health’s expertise, has been used to regain and repurpose millions of dollars into the missions of Christian organizations. 

What you’re about to read is a first-of-its-kind study, which we hope can begin to shed some light on the ways that we expect health benefits to shift over the next decade. We’re excited to share this data with you, and we hope that you can use these resources to rethink what is possible for health benefits within your own team."

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