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Health insurance is a massive headache.

Offering health insurance benefits is really important, vital to the culture of your organization. It’s an ever-increasing expense with ever-expanding administrative requirements.

Your organization can’t win.

Employers pay more, provide fewer benefits, and risk losing talented people. Employers do their best to just keep everyone happy.

Your people get hurt.

Employees receive fewer benefits, pay more out-of-pocket costs, and cannot be incentivized to access alternative health plans.

You’re stuck and out of luck.

Enter Remodel Health.

The solution that shifts organizations from traditional, defined benefit plans to a defined contribution plan, it’s like the 401k of health insurance. We provide quality health insurance benefits, affordable for both the employer and the employee.

Understand your options.

Your data helps our software identify and analyze various defined contribution strategies. Review your options, make a decision, and provide your people with access to the best health insurance options.

Fix your budget, forever.

Pick the amount your organization can afford and lock-in your contribution strategy. Our customers save 34% annually on average and can predict their cost year after year.

Give your employees the power of choice.

Allow your people to choose from the hundreds of options available to them and their families, not the one or two plans you choose for them.

Focus on your organization.

Eliminate  COBRA administration, ACA filings, annual plan selection, and other administrative burdens.

One bill and payroll-deduct.

Contribute to your employees and withhold the cost of their plan(s) from their paycheck. We handle paying their carriers, it’s just easier that way.


Our software helps organizations analyze a defined benefit plan vs. defined contribution.  With technology, we are able to enroll employees, provide individualized service, and auto-deduct premiums from the payroll.


We are product agnostic and use data to analyze available options in the market, not just the ones that pay commissions. We are the only group to individual shift platform that leverages healthcare sharing plans in addition to traditional insurance products.


With valuable technology and real transparency comes the power of choice. We use our tools to educate organizations on the options that exist in the market and empower them to make educated purchasing decisions.

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