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Understand your Benefits.

Our healthcare specialists will walk through each option and help employees choose a plan that best suits their individual needs.

Save money.

Employers save an average of 30-50% on healthcare costs compared to traditional group insurance plans.

Serve your Employees.

You and your team receive first-hand service and top-notch support from our industry experts to navigate healthcare.

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  • Set your budget and define your health benefits strategy.

    Our software helps employers choose a monthly allowance to go towards their employees' health benefits plans.

  • Employees buy their own, individual plans.

    Your employees use their monthly allowance to browse health benefits that meet their personal medical needs.

  • Our software packages employee plans into one bill.

    Remodel Health keeps everything organized for you, the employer, by sending a single bill and auto-deducting premiums from payroll.

  • Receive ongoing support from Remodel Health.

    Employers and employees receive top-notch service and ongoing, one-on-one support from our Care team.

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What Clients Say

  • "[Remodel Health] is the greatest thing that we’ve experienced as far as saving money and providing the service that we need to do...Every person’s situation is different. Why [we] have been putting up with a one-size-fits-all healthcare plan is baffling to me. We will see a savings, I believe, of $400-$500,000 in our healthcare benefits. That’s real money."

    Jeff Carroll, CEO
  • "Remodel has helped me, one, from a budgetary standpoint, not just in cost savings, but I can plan...because Remodel’s pretty clear this is what this is going to cost you, even though each of the individual plans are customized...I know that Remodel is truly partnering with us to look out for our employees and look out for what’s best for them, and doing it in a way that we can afford as a church."

    Mark Wiley, Executive Pastor
  • "Remodel Health provided a platform of technology but also a lot of really experienced people. At the same time we announced this insurance change, we were able to give a raise. Our savings have been substantial, at least a half million dollars."

    Dr. Bill Katip, President

Remodel Health Estimator

Remodel Health lets you choose the best strategy to cut costs and care for your team. Toggle between the WageUp™ or individual coverage HRAs (ICHRA) calculator modes to compare your savings results.

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*Our software helps employers choose a monthly allowance that can be used toward employees’ health benefits plans. This is an estimate only. Savings are not guaranteed by the estimator tool. To get an accurate estimate, please schedule a demo with one of our representatives. Savings vary by location and plans selected. Current estimation is based on the last 12 months of savings from current clients.

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What Makes Us Different?

Let’s face it, choosing healthcare is complicated. And traditional group plans not only drain your bank account, they also often fail to meet the individual, unique health needs of your employees.

With the help of our innovative solution to health benefits, organizations across the country have saved money by shifting their teams from traditional, over-priced group insurance to more affordable, individual plans chosen by each employee.

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