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Optimize employee health benefits spending in just 30 minutes.


Wage+ is Remodel Health’s proprietary health benefits solution that is revolutionizing the health insurance industry. Our affordable health insurance solutions empower organizations to:

  1. Use their healthcare savings to further their mission, and
  2. Care well for their employees.

Through a complete analysis of an organization’s current plan design and details, our consultants help employers identify the yearly savings that could be achieved by switching the organization to Remodel Health services. In fact, organizations can save between 30 and 50% when they partner with us. 

Build a solution customized to your employees’ needs.

Evaluate: We review your current benefits and costs, help you create a new strategy, and define monthly employee allowances.

Switch: Your employees buy individual health plans that fit their unique needs. Furthermore, this personalized approach to health benefits unlocks tax credits and can be used toward sharing programs or spousal plans.

Save: Our software packages employees’ plans into one convenient bill. Furthermore, organizations can save between 30 and 50% with Remodel Health!

Experience What’s Possible With Wage+

Flexible Options

Personalized Benefits

Significant Savings

Our Approach

Designed to integrate seamlessly with our Wage+ product, the Remodel Health software provides employers and their staff with a simple dashboard that empowers users to assess their healthcare options, connect with licensed professionals, and engage with their health benefits like never before!

Being able to unlock tax credits and identify who may have a spousal plan or be suitable for a sharing program is the key to the perfect fit. Our software accurately calculates those tax credits and impacts, as well as quotes for various locations and ages.

Our software surveys each employee to give an accurate and holistic view of each individual so they can be cared for personally. Personal health information is always kept private and secure.

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