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From universities to small businesses to nonprofits and beyond, we partner with organizations to help them serve their people well with affordable, individualized health benefits solutions.



What People Are Saying

[Remodel Health] individually looks at needs family by family, which is not possible to do on a traditional group plan because you can’t have a one-size-fits-all, unfortunately. That is why Remodel Health is so unique and has been a blessing to us. It is something that will help your employees, add more benefits, and also potentially help with savings across the board. 

Brian Williams


Remodel Health provided a platform of technology, but also a lot of really experience people. At the same time we announced this insurance change, we were able to give raises to our employees. Our savings have been substantial, at least a half million dollars.

Dr. Bill Katip

grace college

Remodel Health has allowed us to work with our employees to get health insurance that is specific to their needs.

Chris Eckhart

Eckhart & Company, Inc.