A custom analysis of your organization’s health benefits.

Our health benefits analysis (HBA) helps you understand how your current plan is meeting the needs of your people and organization.

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Find out if your health benefits are meeting the personal needs of your people and the financial needs of your company. 

In this day and age, providing employees with exceptional health benefits is essential for remaining competitive. But how can an organization truly know how their health benefits measure up?

Our health benefits analysis not only looks at your organization’s current financial situation and benefits strategy, but it also takes a close measure of your employees’ personal needs and desires.

This analysis helps businesses understand how their health benefits are performing, what employees really think about their plans, and where improvements could be made.

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What the Health Benefits Analysis includes

Financial Review

Our consultants will analyze your organization’s current financial position and health benefits strategy to understand what you’re spending and what you’re getting.

Needs Analysis

An anonymous survey will be distributed to all employees to get an honest, authentic gauge on how your current health benefits are meeting the needs of your people.

New Strategy

Our consultant will use the information gathered during the analysis to create a new health benefits plan tailored to your organization’s needs.

Get authentic feedback from your employees on how your current health benefits are meeting their needs.

Your employees will have the chance to tell you (anonymously) what they like about their health benefits and what’s not working well for them and their families.



Receive a data-based breakdown of where your health benefits could improve.

Our consultants will take an inside look at your organization’s numbers to get a better understanding of how your benefits could improve and where spending should be focused.

Purchase the Health Benefits Analysis.

Purchase the analysis and learn how your current health benefits are meeting the wants and needs of your people and your organization.

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What you get when you purchase the Health Benefits Analysis:

  • Customized health benefits assessment of your organization and your people
  • Access to authentic, anonymous feedback from employees — without breaking compliance regulations
  • Insight into how your current health benefits are actually meeting the needs of your organization
  • Industry knowledge of how your health benefits measure up to your competition
  • New health benefits strategy proposal in response to the analysis outcome
  • Presentation of HBA given to you, the employer, by your Remodel Health consultant
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