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Our Story

Remodel Health is a software company revolutionizing health benefits delivery. Our mission is to help our valued customers regain and repurpose their resources to better benefit them, their organization, and their employees.

Rooted in faith, hope, and love, we seek to sacrifice for others by giving generously and relating intentionally. Our ever-growing team of professionals is dedicated to helping organizations save money by finding them the best health benefits solution.

Keep reading to learn about our story: how it all started and where we are today.

Remodel Health is born.

In 2015, our story began. Remodel Health was founded by Scott Lingle and Justin Clements, two health insurance industry experts from Indianapolis. In the wake of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Lingle and Clements developed top-of-the-line technology, including a quoting system. They launched a company focused on helping brokers help employers switch from expensive, traditional group health insurance to affordable, individual health insurance plans. One of Remodel Health’s first broker partners was GuideCare—started by Austin Lehman—with a calling to serve churches and ministries.

Remodel Health obtains its first paying customers.

In 2016, Remodel Health, in partnership with GuideCare and another broker, obtained its first paying customers, Crossroads Church of Avon and Eckhart & Company, a printing company. Both organizations had significant and unsustainable health insurance costs. Our expert team was able to help them move to a much more sustainable model that enabled their organizations to flourish. Furthermore, Crossroads Church of Avon and Eckhart & Company are both still loyal customers and part of our story to this day.

Remodel Health saves Central Indiana churches $1 million annually.

In 2017, Remodel Health and GuideCare hosted a huge party with dozens of churches and pastors to celebrate Indiana churches saving $1 million annually. As a result, $1 million was funneled back into local Christian churches and ministries. Soon after, Remodel Health acquired GuideCare, its top-performing broker, and brought on Austin Lehman to lead the company.

Remodel Health partners with Brotherhood Mutual.
In 2018, Remodel Health formed an official partnership with Brotherhood Mutual, a 100-year-old property and casualty insurance company that serves over 60,000 churches. As a result, Brotherhood Mutual leveraged Remodel Health’s benefits platform as their health benefits solution to continue serving many more.
Remodel Health launches its Shopping & Enrollment platform.

In 2019, Remodel Health launched its Shopping & Enrollment platform, giving its customers more visibility into their health insurance plans and more opportunities to optimize them. This was the first year that customers could self-service their health benefits online.

Remodel Health obtains its largest customer to date.

In 2020, despite it being a rough retention and growth year due to the pandemic, Remodel Health obtained its largest customer to date. Our state-of-the-art solutions put this organization on a sustainable financial path. Additionally, we adjusted pricing across various tiers of employers to reflect our value propositions, setting the stage for improved customer retention for years to come.

Remodel Health hits No. 758 on the Inc. 5000 list.

In 2021, Remodel Health made the Inc. 5000 list for the second time, and this time at No. 758. Remodel Health experienced explosive growth this year as well, adding over 2,500 new customers. During this time, significant enhancements were made to streamline its process of onboarding customers more smoothly. We also tightened our process, refined and streamlined our solutions, and invested more in our technology and people.

Remodel Health experiences its highest retention year.
In 2022, Remodel Health experienced its highest retention year to date, crossing over 90 percent customer retention. This was able to occur due to our innovative technology and people and our company’s improvement in change management.
Remodel Health surpasses $100 million in savings for its customers.

In 2023, Remodel Health surpassed $100 million in savings for its valued customers. Top-of-the-line technology solutions, along with a passionate team of professionals dedicated to helping businesses, allowed us to achieve this milestone. Organizations and businesses trusted us to help them, and we happily delivered. Our next goal is to surpass $1 billion in customer savings. We know there are more people to help and more companies to serve.