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Save more of your budget to grow your ministry.

Remodel Health helps churches and ministries nationwide find affordable, customized health insurance solutions. Having affordable health insurance tailored to your team’s unique needs allows for allocating more funds toward the growth of your church or ministry.

Our company is rooted in faith, hope, and love.

We are ready to help your church or ministry save thousands of dollars. We accomplish this by shifting congregations from a traditional group health insurance plan to customizable individualized plans known as ICHRAs.

ICHRAs mean more money for your ministry.

Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangements (ICHRAs) can save you money while providing your employees with individualized health insurance options. Additionally, this can help bolster the benefits your employees receive from their health insurance.

Money can’t solve every problem, but more money means more resources to put directly into your organization, and more resources ensure your ministry can keep growing. Furthermore, compensation for church staff is one of the essential factors in recruiting and retaining top talent.

Are you ready to best serve your staff?

If you’re ready to incorporate ICHRAs into your church or ministry, Remodel Health is prepared to help. By partnering with Remodel Health, Emmanuel Community Church saved so much that they could hire a new full-time pastor and open a second location! Imagine what your ministry could do with those kinds of savings. When you partner with Remodel Health, our team will look at the needs of your employees, family by family—something impossible to do on a traditional group health insurance plan.