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Join our team of industry leaders and innovators.

We’re passionate about finding ways to learn, grow and better serve our clients. That’s why we’re always seeking out new individuals with unique skills and knowledge who will help push our team toward excellence.

Generous PTO

We work hard but also value rest and time with our family and friends. We offer generous PTO and encourage employees to take time just for them!


In the same way we help our client’s steward their resources well, we want to help you prepare for the future and contribute toward retirement.

Healthy Culture

We prioritize healthy relationships, communication and celebrating each individual’s unique talents and successes.

Profit Sharing

Each member of our team is integral to our success. When we win as a team, we all win!

At Remodel Health, we’re dedicated to transforming the healthcare benefits experience through innovative technology and a genuine passion for helping others.

Our rapid growth means we’re constantly on the lookout for talented individuals who share our vision and enthusiasm for making a positive impact.

We believe in a workplace where your ideas are valued, your contributions are recognized, and your growth is supported. If you’re looking for a dynamic, collaborative environment where you can thrive and make a difference, Remodel Health is the place for you. Explore our opportunities and join us on this exciting journey to reshape healthcare benefits!

Hear what our team loves about working at Remodel Health

I was surprised by how much ownership each employee is given with their roles and the path they see for themselves moving forward. It is amazing to see everyone explore their interests and excel in what they enjoy in a way that aids the company’s goals. The team seems really tight-knit and family-oriented. I hope to continue experiencing and fostering a sense of community at Remodel Health!

Mylo Thambipillay

FINANCE Specialist

I received a warm welcome from everyone in the company. It’s nice to be around positive people who are willing to help you acclimate to a new environment, especially for me, as I had been a remote worker for years. Coming into the office is a refreshing change when people are genuinely positive and welcoming.

Crystal Vaughn

Benefits Advisor

The company culture is so, so good from top to bottom. Very collaborative, and team-focused. It’s clear that Remodel Health has been very consistent in hiring employees that fit the culture, and that shows day in and day out.

TJ Witham

National Business Development Director

The atmosphere at Remodel Health is special! Everyone is welcoming, hard-working, collaborative, and passionate about serving others well. These qualities are not always common in other professional environments. I really enjoy the intentionality and structure of Remodel Health as a whole. I always feel like I know the direction we are moving in and the goals we are working to achieve. The leadership team also does a great job making each team member feel like they are extremely important.

Kenlin Calhoun

Customer Communications & Events Specialist

I immediately felt welcomed and it was very clear how tight-knit the entire team is. Everyone was approachable and friendly, so it didn’t take long for “the new guy” feelings to fade away completely. This was especially important to someone like me who had spent the previous six years working fully remotely and was getting back into the office routine. Joining the Remodel Health team has been everything I hoped for and more! There seems to be a genuine connection among the entire team where everyone understands that we are all part of a bigger team, and we’re all working towards a common goal.

Michael Brash

Enterprise Customer Success Representative

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