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Individual Coverage HRAs (ICHRAs) allow an employer to provide untaxed dollars to their employees to spend on individual plans. Very similar to the change from pension plans to 401(k)s for retirement benefits—the employer provides a contribution, and the employee gets to decide how to spend it.

With Remodel Health’s ICHRA+® product, employers and employees receive individual guidance and support from our team of health benefits experts.

Provide untaxed dollars to employees so they can shop for their own plans.

Remodel Health is a leading ICHRA provider that lets employers combine the contribution they give their employees to spend with noncommissioned benefits advisors who help employees find, understand, and use the best plan for them.

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Designed to integrate seamlessly with ICHRA, the Remodel Health software provides employers and employees with a simple dashboard that allows users to engage, connect, and assess their healthcare options.

Under an ICHRA, employers can customize the amount of untaxed dollars given to different groups of employees. In these cases, our software can accurately and compliantly design the custom budget strategy by employee class while keeping everything organized.

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