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Builder’s Association of Greater Indianapolis Experiences 20% Cost Reduction


Builder’s Association of Greater Indianapolis (BAGI)




Indianapolis, IN

Previous Plan

Anthem Group Plan - Group Health HSA High-Deductible


BAGI grappled with the persistent issue of rising healthcare costs, increasing by approximately 10% each year. Balancing the diverse healthcare needs of employees—ranging from young, healthy individuals to those nearing retirement with significant health issues—was a constant struggle. The financial strain was exacerbated by high employer contributions and substantial out-of-pocket expenses for employees, making finding a sustainable and cost-effective healthcare solution imperative. BAGI was dealing with:

Rising Costs

Annual healthcare cost increases of around 10%

Employee Needs

Diverse healthcare needs among employees, requiring a one-size-fits-all plan

Financial Strain

High employer contributions and out-of-pocket expenses

The Solution: Transition to Remodel Health

Steve Lains, BAGI CEO, partnered with Scott Wharton, President and Founder of Wharton & Power Insurance, an independent insurance broker. Wharton pointed Lains in Remodel Health’s direction so he could successfully transition his team from a traditional group plan to an Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangement (ICHRA). This shift provided personalized healthcare options for employees and significant cost savings for the organization.

At a 20% cost reduction, we did not see a reduction in our plan offering. It’s an apples-to-apples plan offering…The Remodel Health option got me out of the business of trying to do and think what’s best for every employee and gave them back their control over what they want to do for their health.

Steve Lains



Budget Presentation and Initial Reaction

  • Lains presented the new budget, highlighting a 20% reduction in healthcare costs.
  • Leaders were curious and eager to learn more about the changes and the organizations involved.

Plan Comparisons and Decisions

  • Lains sought an apples-to-apples comparison, ensuring the new plan matched the previous benefits.
  • Despite initial resistance, thorough comparisons and support from Wharton and Remodel Health convinced Lains of the new plan’s benefits.

Employee Contributions and HSAs

  • The employer reduced expenses by 20% and initially contributed $3,000 per employee into an HSA to offset increased out-of-pocket costs, demonstrating a balanced approach to cost management and employee support.
  • The cost savings allowed for maximum contributions to the HSA, benefiting both the employer and employees.


Financial Savings

  • BAGI experienced a total savings of 20% for 2024.
  • BAGI gained the ability to maintain budget projections without anticipating double-digit increases.

Employee Empowerment

  • BAGI could now provide its employees with various healthcare options.
  • BAGI employees could now choose plans that best suited their needs, enhancing satisfaction and control over healthcare choices.

Simplified Process

  • Remodel Health’s concierge service and comprehensive support made the transition to ICHRA seamless.
  • Remodel Health was given positive feedback from BAGI employees about the straightforward and supportive process.

Remodel Health is an extension of our agency. They provide the technology and support that make a significant difference for our clients.

Scott Wharton

President and Founder of Wharton & Power Insurance

Key Wins

Employer Perspective

  • Reduced financial strain and improved budget stability.
  • Confidence in providing employees with high-quality healthcare options.

Employee Perspective

  • Increased choice and flexibility in selecting healthcare plans.
  • Smooth transition with solid support from Remodel Health’s team.


The transition to Remodel Health’s ICHRA solution resulted in significant financial savings and empowered employees with more healthcare choices. BAGI’s experience underscores the importance of being open to change and considering innovative solutions to manage healthcare costs effectively.


Budget Presentation and Initial Reaction

For employers considering a shift to ICHRA or similar solutions, BAGI advises:

  • Open-Mindedness: Be willing to explore new options and overcome initial resistance.
  • Due Diligence: Thoroughly research and compare new plans to existing ones.
  • Support Systems: Utilize the support and expertise of brokers and healthcare solution providers like Remodel Health.

By embracing change and leveraging innovative solutions, organizations can achieve significant cost savings while enhancing employee satisfaction and control over healthcare choices.

What would I say to other employers who are afraid to switch to ICHRA? Don’t talk yourself out of a good opportunity because it’s new and you’re afraid of the change. It pays off.

Steve Lains