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Popular oil change shop saves $550K in annual cost.


Oil Change Shop


Automotive Services


81 Employees


Fort Wayne, IN

Previous Plan



One popular oil change shop located in Fort Wayne, IN, is a trusted specialist in automotive services for its community. On their self-funded plan, they experienced significant rate increases year after year, paying $900,000 annually on health insurance. The trend was unsustainable. Utilizing an Individual Coverage HRA (ICHRA), Remodel Health helped this popular oil change shop save $550,000 on health benefits in the first year alone.

Significant rate increases

Expensive annual costs on health insurance


Utilizing the Remodel Health platform, this oil change shop was able to . . . 


Provide choice and freedom for employees.

Reduce the employees' healthcare spend.

Switch from a self-funded strategy to marketplace and share program plans.


As a result, the organization was able to continue offering health coverage without sacrificing benefits or increasing costs for staff. Their monthly savings amounted to $46,000 and they have a projected savings of $3 million.

Key Wins

The organization’s overall exposure dropped significantly, but more than that, they were able to eliminate their steep annual rate increases that typically kick in around the third year on self-funded plans. On an Individual Coverage HRA, this shop’s 81 employees now utilize individual marketplace plans through Ambetter, BCBS, and more. With their monthly savings, employees can purchase individual plans of their choice. Switching from a self-funded plan to an ICHRA, they will save over $3 million within six years of being with Remodel Health.





By trusting Remodel Health's solution with their health benefits, this oil change shop was able to provide freedom to all employees, in addition to better benefits and bigger savings.

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