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The Best Ways to Cut Costs on Healthcare

Best Ways to Cut Costs on Healthcare | Remodel Health is the health benefits software for employers that helps you save money and care better for your team.

One of the biggest topics of conversation within an organization is its budget. Without a well-planned budget, you won’t be able to accomplish your mission well with your team.   Considering that health benefits are generally the second highest line item on a company budget — just below payroll — the notion of cutting costs on […]

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How to find better group health benefits?

It’s the most not-wonderful time of the year: health benefits renewal season. The dreaded rate increases start showing up in your inboxes and you have to start moving your budget around to accommodate for resources you had hoped could go somewhere else. This challenging season can cause organization leaders to ask themselves, “how can I […]

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5 Mistakes of Not Using Software for Health Plans

health plan software

Health benefits often feel like the final frontier for innovation. When we consider how much our phones, businesses and schools have changed in the past 10 years, it seems silly that the way we look at health plans has remained largely static. Or, so it seems?  Actually, there have been some incredible innovations over the […]

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3 Ways Technology Improves Employee Benefits

health benefits software

Whether it’s keeping track of meetings on your daily schedule, staying connected with family and friends, or having “an app for that”, technology has improved so much of our everyday lives. So it’s no surprise that technology has made its way into human resources, too. And thankfully, the right health benefits software can actually help […]

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4 Reasons Why You Need Health Benefits Software

As with most things, innovative technology is making its way to the healthcare industry. Over the past decade, there have been some incredible changes to how people can access and select healthcare plans. Using the right health benefits software can harness those improvements and give your employees an enhanced benefits experience. Here are the top […]

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4 Alternative Group Health Plans

4 Alternative Group Health Plans | Remodel Health is the health benefits software and consulting that helps employers save money and care better.

Traditional group health plans have been around for several decades. Boiled down, traditional insurance means a monthly premium is paid for a plan, and most of the risk is then transferred from the individual to the carrier.  Traditional group plans consist of the same core elements: deductibles, copays, coinsurance, and the infamous out-of-pocket max. Every […]

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