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3 Ways Technology Improves Employee Benefits

Whether it’s keeping track of meetings on your daily schedule, staying connected with family and friends, or having “an app for that”, technology has improved so much of our everyday lives. So it’s no surprise that technology has made its way into human resources, too. And thankfully, the right health benefits software can actually help employers save money and care better for employees!

Here are 3 ways that technology has helped to improve employee health benefits:

1. More Plan Options

The traditional approach to group healthcare plans largely revolves around trying to find a one-size-fits-all product. But since healthcare is personal, shouldn’t your plan options be personalized? Because every individual is different, it would make sense that the best product choice for each individual employee would be different too.

Granted, employers have done their best to offer “options” to their teams and “improve” those options as best as they can, considering costs keep increasing every year while plans get worse. But it’s still most common to only offer one option, and the best group plans really only provide 3 choices, which is why using health benefits software completely changes the game.

Individual products available to employees include anywhere from 15 to 50 choices, ranging from guaranteed-issue insurance plans to sharing ministries to limited-term plans, spousal plans, and more.  But you’re probably asking how is this possible?  

Rather than giving employees a specific product, or even a specific percentage of contribution toward those products, the employer instead uses a budget strategy and provides a spendable allowance to the employee that can apply toward any of those plans. They also have the ability to spend more of their own money and still process through payroll deduct easily. This is all possible using technology, which supports the managed individual method for group health benefits.

2. Comparison Shopping

But let’s face it, sometimes more is not better, right? Can you ever think of a moment when you needed to just grab something quick (and probably a new item you’d never shopped for before) only to find yourself staring at endless possibilities, with everything seeming the same, and worried you’d make the wrong choice?

Often, more is only better when you have the right help to sort through everything. The first step is providing your team the opportunity to compare plans. This means helping them identify what networks, carriers, deductibles, out-of-pocket max, copays, etc. are most meaningful for them. Benefit coaches are one of the most important factors in ensuring that each employee finds a product they want with the protection they need.  

Every Remodel Health member gets a personal advisor to walk through each of their options, along with health benefits software that provides a comparison shopping experience offering more choices than any other product available on the market.

3. Telehealth

96% of all large employers offer some sort of telehealth. Thankfully, this trend has continued with small employers and most insurance carriers as well. Even dental and vision telehealth is available through companies like Careington. Colleges and universities now have new opportunities to care for students better by providing telehealth as a value-add included with the cost of tuition. Timely MD specializes in ensuring both physical and mental health is taken care of using technology.

Telehealth is often the best and most affordable first step for anyone seeking general medical care. Its continued growth in popularity has helped its continued growth in quality. Remodel Health gives members access to unlimited, $0 copay telehealth visits 24/7. We believe staying ahead of your health is the best way to prevent things from getting worse. Telehealth technology makes staying healthy easier than ever!

Can health benefits software save money?

With the ability to quickly run multiple, complex models of health benefits strategies, the Remodel Health software has the power to find ways to save money while still taking great care of the team. Whether it’s the Remodel Health solution, an ICHRA model, or something in between, our full spectrum benefit consultants can look at every option available to you and custom design a benefits package that meets both your team’s personal needs and your organization’s financial goals. Run your own savings estimate using our online calculator tool and connect with us for your free, full evaluation. It’s time to rethink employee health benefits!

Important Notice:  Remodel Health does not intend to provide specific insurance, legal, or tax advice. Remodel Health always recommends to consult with your own professional representation to properly evaluate the information presented and its appropriate application to your particular situation.