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Remodel Health Acquires PeopleKeep

Remodel Health acquires PeopleKeep in a strategic acquisition, marking a significant expansion in the health benefits sector. This move underscores a broader commitment to revolutionizing personalized health benefits administration. It sets a new standard for excellence and innovation within the industry.


Enterprise Organizations

Discover how our health benefits solutions can meet the complex needs of your enterprise organization with 50 or more employees.

Small Businesses

Learn how our personalized benefits administration can transform health coverage for your small business with less than 50 employees.

Brokers & Partners

Explore the advantages of partnering with us to offer innovative health benefits solutions to your clients of all sizes.

Remodel Health's Acquisition of PeopleKeep

The Remodel Health family is expanding!

Remodel Health acquires PeopleKeep, adding 32 new members to our family this season. As our company continues to expand, so do our capabilities.  

Over the years, Remodel Health has established itself as a leader in health benefits, specializing in personalized benefits solutions for employers. This acquisition establishes Remodel Health as the #1 ICHRA Provider and aligns with our ICHRA+® product. ICHRAs are employer-funded Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs) that increase flexibility for both employers and employees to utilize the Health Insurance Marketplace better.

Remodel Health’s unique approach combines technology with a deep understanding of the healthcare landscape and a top-notch customer service team. We are dedicated to helping organizations of all sizes optimize their health benefits. The acquisition of PeopleKeep aligns with Remodel Health’s commitment to empowering employers and employees to make informed decisions about their healthcare. PeopleKeep is known for its expertise in HRAs and personalized benefits. 

Through this acquisition, Remodel Health will make personalized benefits administration even more accessible to small and midsize businesses, further amplifying our capabilities and standards for excellence. With PeopleKeep’s integration, we aim to provide an even more comprehensive and tailored approach to employee benefits.

“The fusion of Remodel Health and PeopleKeep ensures our clients will experience the best of both worlds—the personalized attention of Remodel Health’s white-glove service, now complemented by the efficiency and innovation of PeopleKeep’s automated solutions.”

— Remodel Health CEO Austin Lehman

“Joining Remodel Health will bring significant advantages to our customers, partners, and employees and positively impact the broader market for health reimbursement arrangements. We remain dedicated to creating innovative benefits administration solutions that empower small to midsize employers to personalize their benefits to better meet the needs of their employees and organization.”

— PeopleKeep CEO Victoria Hodgkins

Empowering businesses with comprehensive solutions

What this means for customers

Expanded Personalized Benefits: With the addition of PeopleKeep, we can now make personalized benefits administration even more accessible, specifically tailored to the needs of small and midsize businesses.

Comprehensive Service: Our customers’ experience with Remodel Health’s renowned white-glove service in the large group market will now be complemented by PeopleKeep’s automated software solutions designed for the small group market. This comprehensive approach ensures that we cater to the entire spectrum of employer needs.

Continued Excellence: The exceptional service our customers have come to expect from Remodel Health will continue and reach new heights. Our commitment to excellence remains unwavering, and this strategic acquisition is a testament to our dedication to providing unparalleled health benefits offerings.

A new era in employee health benefits solutions.

As businesses continue to adapt to a changing workforce landscape, the Remodel Health and PeopleKeep acquisition sets the stage for the future of employee benefits. This strategic step forward is designed to elevate our collective capabilities, enhance client satisfaction, and provide an enriching environment for employees. This marks the beginning of a new era in employee health benefits solutions.

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