What if… I “lost” my Copays?

What if… I “lost” my Doctor?

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Nothing can feel scarier than “what ifs” in life, especially when it comes to our healthcare. Unfortunately, the healthcare system is so confusing that we rarely feel certain of anything. If you’ve ever been worried about “losing” your doctor, this is for you! 1. Call ahead to confirm details Whether you have the same insurance […]

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What if… I “lost” my Rx coverage?

Rx Coverage

  Nothing can feel scarier than the “what ifs” in life, particularly with health insurance, but even more so when it comes to the medicine we need every month. If you’ve been nervous about losing your Rx coverage, keep reading! These tips below will help to simplify the complex world of pharmaceuticals — and might […]

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7 Health Insurance Questions to Ask in the New Year

Health Insurance Questions

The vast majority of insurance plans start “new” on January 1. Because of this, there are some really important health insurance questions you need to ask to make sure you’re prepared for the new year and your new plan. 1. Is your Telemedicine set up? Your 2020 plan may have added or changed your telemedicine […]

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