What is a Health Benefits Analysis?

The Health Benefits Analysis is an organizational assessment tool used to measure and improve the effectiveness of your employee health benefits.

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“The HBA helped me identify the holes in our health benefits and provided me the tools to give our employees the best benefits.” – ALE in Indiana

Why use the Health Benefits Analysis?

Authentic Feedback

Get authentic, anonymous feedback from employees about the health benefits you currently offer. Find out what’s working and what’s lacking for your employees.

Compliant Insight

Gain insight about the wants and needs of your employees when it comes to their healthcare, without breaking compliance regulations.

Expert Guidance

Create a new health benefits plan tailored to your organization’s needs with expert guidance from our licensed consultants throughout your analysis.

How does the Health Benefits Analysis work?

The Health Benefits Analysis starts with a simple survey that each of your employees takes. As the employer, you can work with Remodel Health to add customized questions based on what you’d like to learn from your employees about your health benefits.

Once all the surveys are completed, your Remodel Health consultant will compile the data, show you the major trends and takeaways, compare your results to other organizations in your industry, complete a financial review and make data-based recommendations to help improve your company’s health benefits.

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