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A Breakdown of Remodel Health’s ICHRA+® Product

Remodel Health is dedicated to revolutionizing health benefits to resource organizations with missions that matter. We are the go-to health benefits software company for employers and brokers wanting to save money and better care for their employees and clients, and our innovative Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangement (ICHRA) product is making waves across the health insurance industry.

What is ICHRA+?

ICHRA+ is an innovative ICHRA product by Remodel Health that allows employers and employees to receive individual guidance and support from our team of health benefits experts. Transitioning from group plans to individual reimbursement can be tricky. We simplify the process with end-to-end support for employers. While many just offer ICHRA software for employee enrollment, we go the extra mile. We call our product ICHRA+ because we provide software plus so much more.

What Sets Remodel Health Apart?

What sets us apart is our white-glove service. The white-glove service we provide includes premium assistance, close attention to detail, and an extra level of care. Our clients can expect tailor-made, expedited service with an added touch. The Remodel Health software provides employers and employees with a simple dashboard that allows users to engage, connect, and assess their healthcare options.

Not only does our premier ICHRA solution allow employers to set a defined contribution amount for employees, but we also provide noncommissioned benefits advisors who help employees select, understand, and use the best health plan for them.

Features You Can Expect With ICHRA+

Our ICHRA+ product boasts custom HRA and benefit design, employee shopping guidance, payroll implementation, reimbursement reporting, strategic team support, an on-site education option, as well as quarterly and annual reviews. Below, we’ve detailed each of these:

1. Custom HRA and Benefit Design

Our team will tailor the specifics of your ICHRA plan and associated benefits, meeting the unique needs and objectives of your organization and your employees.

2. Employee Shopping Guidance

Our licensed benefits advisors will provide structured assistance to employees as they navigate through the shopping portal, helping them understand and choose the most suitable health plans for their needs.

3. Payroll Implementation

Our software helps provide detailed and timely payroll reporting to ensure accurate processing of health-related reimbursements and deductions.

4. Reimbursement Reporting

Receive detailed reports on health expenses that have been reimbursed or are still awaiting reimbursement for transparent tracking and efficient management of your team’s HRA.

5. Strategic Team Support

This feature gives both your organization and employees direct access to a dedicated team of health benefits experts ready to answer questions and provide guidance on all aspects of your health reimbursement arrangement.

6. Option for On-Site Education, Quarterly and Annual Reviews

Depending on your chosen tier of ICHRA+, Remodel Health offers the possibility of having expert-led, in-person learning sessions for your team, along with regular reviews, to assess and optimize your health plan’s affordability and performance.

The ICHRA+ Setup Process

Remodel Health makes switching your employees or clients to ICHRAs a seamless, stress-free process. The ICHRA+ setup process can be completed in these three simple steps:

Step 1: Effortlessly design your ICHRA

Our professional team of experts seamlessly navigates you through crafting a customized HRA tailored to your organization’s needs.

Step 2: We’ll take care of your team

Managing the health and happiness of your employees has never been easier. We’ll support them in selecting their health insurance and onboarding them onto our platform.

Step 3: Embrace your new insurance solution

Our software ensures transparency through detailed reporting. We bundle your employees’ plans into one package to make them easily accessible for your team.

Once ICHRA+ is set up, you can start to experience the confidence that comes from supporting your team’s well-being. With a full spectrum of options, finding the perfect fit for your team is closer than you think. 

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Looking to provide premier individualized coverage and white-glove service to your employees or clients? Remodel Health has the product for you! Under an ICHRA, employers can customize the amount of untaxed dollars given to different groups of employees. In these cases, our ICHRA+ software can accurately and compliantly design the custom budget strategy by employee class while keeping everything organized.

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