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Best Individual Health Insurance Administrator

If you’re looking for the best individual health insurance administrator, look no further than Remodel Health. We’ve helped hundreds of employers across the U.S. save an average of 30-50% on healthcare! How? Through our one-of-a-kind software platform and proprietary health benefits delivery method known as managed individual.

The method of managed individual health benefits is simple:

1. Employers ditch their traditional group health insurance plans.

2. With some of their savings, employers provide a wage increase to their employees.

3. Employees use the wage increase to purchase their own individual health insurance plans.

4. Remodel Health’s software streamlines and organizes the entire process.

The original individual health insurance administrator.

The demand for an individual health insurance administrator has never been greater than it is today. Employers across the nation are seeing that they can save big on their health benefits by offering individual plans to their employees. Remodel Health has known from the beginning what many are just starting to realize!

This realization is that the cost of traditional group health insurance has been creeping up in cost consistently over the past 30 years. Individual health insurance plans, on the other hand, have grown in both popularity and demand over the past decade. And this is because individual plans are continuing to become more affordable, while the quality of the health benefits are getting better year after year. The industry switch to individual plans is happening now!

Remodel Health has been the individual health insurance administrator at the forefront of this transition since 2015. We’ve helped hundreds of organizations save nearly $100 million on their health benefits all while caring better for their employees!

The best individual health insurance administrator. 

Not only is Remodel Health the original individual health insurance administrator, we’re also the best at what we do. We have a full team of licensed health benefits experts that can tailor a health benefits solution specifically to your team. We then walk each of your employees through the process of selecting an individual health plan and getting enrolled. Our proprietary health benefits software keeps track of all your employees’ health benefits and packages them all into one convenient group bill, so you never have to worry!

We call our method “managed individual” because we manage your employees’ individual plans so you don’t have to.

It’s easy to switch with Remodel Health.

Ditch your traditional group plan and make the switch today. 

Remodel Health is the best individual health insurance administrator for your team. We know the health benefits industry better than anyone and have a track record of thousands of dollars in organizational savings to prove it! If you’d like to learn more about how to provide individual health plans to your employees, download our brand new free ebook, “5 Reasons to Provide Individual Health Insurance, and why you’ll never go back.”

If you’re ready to see how big the savings could be for your team when you make the switch, get connected with us today. We can give you a free quote or run a custom health benefits analysis for your organization! You’ll love how much money you save, and your staff will love getting better plans and more high quality benefits.

Important Notice: Remodel Health does not intend to provide specific insurance, legal, or tax advice. Remodel Health always recommends consulting with your own professional representation to properly evaluate the information presented and its appropriate application to your particular situation.