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New Stimulus Guide For Employers

The new American Rescue Plan just signed into law by President Biden includes a change to healthcare which has a huge impact for employers and families across the U.S.

Now, leaving traditional group plans and opting for individual plans could save employers and employees 40% on health benefits!

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Learn how the recent $1,400 stimulus bill actually lowers the cost of health benefits in a huge way.

Quick Overview of The New Stimulus

Watch our quick overview of the top 3 things all employers need to know about the third stimulus and the healthcare law changes just signed into law by President Biden!

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Want a little more information on what this new stimulus law could mean for your organization’s health benefits? Read our blog for more details!

What Employers Need to Know About The New Stimulus

Small businesses in the U.S. have been bleeding from group health insurance costs for years. Covid-19 worsened their anemic state even more. And with so many of them feeling like the pandemic could be their final blow, an unknown employer benefit in the American Rescue Plan is the very hope they need to be revived.

Included in “the $1,400 stimulus bill” is a small change with a huge impact on healthcare. Dramatic discount increases on individual plans—called Advanced Premium Tax Credits—will now cut costs in half for most families. And not only this, but even more people will qualify for those discounts, too.

For a family of 4 making $120,000, their plan cost goes down by $6,000 or more. And for a 60 year old couple making $75,000, they will see upwards of $15,000 of savings in just one year. The stories are endless.

What most employers don’t know is that they can actually take advantage of this—and they should. While the discounts are for individual plans only, since 2015, the IRS has allowed employers methods to unlock them for their employees. The result is costs cut by 35% or more for the entire group and not making coverage worse.

Leaving traditional group plans not only saves employers money, but by leveraging individual plan discounts, it also lets employees pick personal plans that fit their own needs better. Employers can even be smarter with how they spend by combining this individual plan method with group benefits—like HSA dollars and HRAs.

Ready to Save 40% on Health Benefits?

With the third federal stimulus bill now increasing subsidies and making more employees eligible for them, Remodel Health is ready to help even more employers make a big impact on their budgets. Fill out the form to get connected with a Remodel Health agent and learn how you and your employees could save 40% or more on health benefits!

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