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Overwhelmed by rising health insurance costs? Wish you could provide more for your staff but don’t have room in the budget? Leveraging our innovative technology solution and awesome team of experts, we work with schools and universities of all sizes to find an affordable health insurance solution that is accommodating to your diverse group of teachers and staff members.

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School Solutions: What is available on the Remodel Health Platform?

Sharing Programs

Sharing Programs

Christian sharing is not insurance but functions similarly to it. Enjoy a national PPO network, Christian values and low monthly shares.

Individual Insurance

Individual Insurance

Functioning similar to traditional group insurance, these guaranteed issue plans cover pre-existing conditions, prescriptions, preventative care and more.

Short-term Medical Insurance

Term Medical

Certain group insurance providers offer short-term medical plans with a quicker enrollment process and lower premiums.

Medicare, Medicaid and CHIP


There are age and income requirements surrounding these programs. Remodel Health’s licensed advisors can help staff determine if they qualify.

Spousal Employer Plans

Spousal Plans

Transitioning to the Remodel Health platform triggers a life qualifying event that allows many employees to move onto their spouse’s employer plan.